Has your cat ever done something that made you think, “Is my cat normal?” “What’s wrong with my cat?” Or, “My cat’s gone insane!” No need to worry! As quirky as cats are, their strange behavior is actually quite normal. I’ve compiled a short list of cat quirks that most cats are guilty of. As a matter of fact, my Jasper is guilty of 5 out of 5 items on the list. My Charlotte scored 4 out of 5!

Presenting their Butt
This one makes me go eew, but it shouldn’t! By presenting the nether regions, Fluffy is actually paying you a compliment. It means that she likes you and may be asking for affection. According to cat expert Amy Shojai, a cat butt shoved in your face is the equivalent of “a human’s enthusiastic hug or a kiss on each cheek in greeting.”

Licking Plastic
My Jasper is extremely guilty of this one! He’ll lick ANYTHING that is wrapped in plastic, and he’ll do it with great enthusiasm! There are a couple of reasons why cats lick plastic. It could be that he likes the feel of the plastic on his tongue, the crinkly sound the plastic makes, or it could smell like food. Some plastic is made of biodegradable materials that contain corn starch that cats find attractive.

Staring at Nothing
I’ll admit, this one creeps me out! I was convinced Charlotte was staring at ghosts until I learned that her eyesight was just better than mine and she could see things I couldn’t. Cats have much better vision than humans, plus they are better adept at detecting subtle motion. In a 2014 study led by Ron Douglas of the City University in London, England, it was determined that cats can see in ultraviolet, which allows them to see what humans can’t.

Squeezing into Small Spaces
There’s not much of a mystery to this quirk. Cat’s like small spaces because it makes them feel safe and secure. They also like the warmth and coziness small spaces provide. Fortunately, their flexible spine allows them to fit into the smallest of spaces. In Jasper’s case, he fancies the crockpot!

Kneading or “making biscuits” is the way a kitten stimulates momma kitty’s belly into getting the milk to flow. As an adult, cats knead because it makes them feel cozy. And, if a cat makes biscuits in your lap, well, it means he’s comfortable with you!

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