There are many people and little kids that are going to ask or want a baby kitten for Christmas.

There are also things that you might want to think about before jumping into bring home a new furry baby for your family.

You need to make sure that no one is allergic to the type of kitten you are looking for.  Also, you will need to find the best possible match for your family.

With the allergies figured out there are two more main things you need to thing about or investigate before bringing home a new fur baby.

Is Christmas really the best time to bring home a kitten.  If you aren’t 100% sure if the holiday is the correct time to get a kitten, then you can get some supplies and wrap them up under the tree and, also maybe get a little stuffed cat and put a collar around it with a note saying you will all go at a later date to pick up a new fur baby.

This can give you and your child enough time in between the holiday and getting a kitten to see if they are still excited about getting a pet.  The holiday’s are a very exciting time and with everything else that your child gets sometimes a pet can be to much.

You also need to make sure the family can afford a kitten.  With supplies, food, and vet visits having a kitten isn’t just a spur of the moment fad.  They take time and responsibility and a 9-15 year commitment.

For Christmas the best way to start is to get all the supplies and start getting the things that are needed for the fur baby.  With getting the preparation in order will help you see if the kitten is the correct answer for you or your family.

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