28” or 36” Tall Cat Scratching Post-Classic

The Classic post pays homage to the original Felix scratching post that was first manufactured in the 1930s!



Height: 28″ or 36″ Now Available!
Base: 16″ x 16″

The Classic post pays homage to the original Felix scratching post that was first manufactured in the 1930s!

The Felix Tall Cat Scratching Post is recommended as it gives your cat extended surface to scratch and exercise. The post is handmade using natural sisal, certified organic catnip, and real wood that is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

  • With these posts you can order replacements. 

  • The 28″ replacement will be. ( https://felixtreecompany.com/product/28-replacement-post-classic-without-dowel/ )

  • The 36″ replacement will be. ( https://felixtreecompany.com/product/36-replacement-post-classic-without-dowel/ )

The base is made of heavy wood material. See description:

Maple – Real maple veneer.

Walnut – Real walnut veneer.

Xanadu – Dark wood grain laminate over wood composite core. Core contains no formaldehyde, which meets Green Building Standards.

Assembly required.


3 reviews for 28'' or 36'' Tall Cat Scratching Post-Classic

  1. John Waugh

    This is a delayed review as I no longer have my two large cats due to their old age. But when I did have them, they absolutely loved using this post, and I absolutely loved seeing them use it! The two cats were large with claws intact. They took to this upright scratching post and used it 99.9% of the time instead of the upholstered furniture. And I’m sure that if I had had both this post and the cats when they were kittens, they would never have used the upholstery at all. The strong indicators for that view is that, even though both fully grown, and both having previously used the upholstery, both moved their attentions to this post once I acquired it, ergo….if the kittens had had it when first scratching….. Very very strongly recommend this post as ideal! John in Maine

  2. Kyoko Maruyama (verified owner)

    I have been buying their products over 20 years, including vertical scratching posts and horizontal pads and beams. Last year I got a 36” tall scratching post, which has become the new favorite of my kitties since it allows them to stretch their bodies fully. One of them tries climbing it, and it is fun for me to see him hanging from the post with all his four paws off the floor. (I wish there were a taller one!) Those trees are good for us humans too since they enjoy scratching them so much that they rarely touch the furniture. I have sent quite a few scratching posts to my sister in Japan—when her cat got the first one, she stopped scratching the furniture entirely. Great products!

  3. Carol (verified owner)

    Best cat scratching post ever!! My indoor and outdoor cats love their posts. Best non toxic, safe, great quality on the market. My cats love the catnip inside that’s releases each time they scratch.

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Certified organic catnip and real wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Family Owned

The Felix Katnip Tree Company is a family owned & operated business



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