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“A good scratch post is fun for a cat: he does not know how utilitarian it is. A high post, covered with sturdy material, impregnated with catnip, and supported by a wide base, was originated and manufactured by Felix.”
Pet Cats Their Care and Handling by Doris Bryant, Cat Expert

“Your cat will not be able to distinguish a carpeted scratching pole from your furniture. A 4 x 4 post covered with canvas or sisal is perfectly satisfactory. One company that sells such posts is Felix – The Katnip Tree Company. The advantage of their post is that catnip is embedded in the sisal covering. This will encourage the cat to sniff at the post and just it to exercise his nails.”
The Complete Medical Guide to Cats by Robert J. Perper, DVM, Ph.D, and Edward S. Kepner, VMD

“Will my place be wrecked by a cat? I take great pride in my furniture and rugs.”

“Then, buy a sturdy scratching post, so your cat can exercise his claws on his own furniture. The best commercial post is made by Felix – The Katnip Tree Company.”

“What are the supplies and preparations necessary for my cat’s or kitten’s homecoming?”

“Your new cat will need a sturdy scratching post to exercise his claws and stretch out his body on. You can make a scratching post or Felix Katnip Tree Company makes a good commercial post – it’s sisal and filled with catnip. If you have a big apartment, get two or more scratching posts so your cats will find it convenient to use them. You can order a replacement post whenever your present post wears out.”

“What inspires activity in an outdoor cat?”

“A scratching post that allows your cat to give his body and claws a good stretch and workout. The floor-to-ceiling model is ideal for a long workout. You can order one from Felix.”
Cats on the Couch by Carole C. Wilbourn, Cat Therapist

“All wild cats love a good claw at a nice rough tree. This means the scratching post should be rough too. Unfortunately, most posts in pet shops are made to attract owners instead of cats, because it’s the owners who walk in with money to buy the post. We may not find it practical to bring a tree trunk into the home or a small apartment, but there are other alternatives. What a cat needs is a post wonderfully rough and scratchy. Happily such a post is available by mail from Felix Company.”

“I have seen my Big Purr take a flying leap off the table to land on top of the post. Balancing nicely, he extends the claws of all four feet and blissfully digs in. A far-off look of ecstasy suffuses his countenance as he sways. It is the most subtle of dances. As the clawing goes deeper and the dance steps become more pronounced, Purr’s pose trembles with the violence of his digging and pulling. But the post never tips over, because the Felix post has a good firm base.”
The Natural Cat: A Holistic Guide for Finicky Owners by Anita Frazier with Norma Eckroate, nationally known feline nutritionist, groomer, and behaviorist

“Scratching Posts, Exercise and Play: Cat trees are tall scratching posts, usually with pedestals for the cat to rest. The Felix Climber extends to the ceiling and is compact for apartments. In ‘Products and Resources’ Felix is the first to be recommended in things I buy.”

“Felix Katnip Tree and Board: These are covered with sisal fabric and are a favorite for my cats.”
Cat be Good by Annie Bruce, Cat Consultant

The information guide for Sources of Natural Pet Products: “The Felix Company makes high-quality sisal covered scratching posts and platforms for cats, along with other feline specialty items”
Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, Ph.D. and Susan Hubble Pitcairn, MS

“If you are unable to find a sisal-covered post, you can order one by mail. There are several companies making sisal and rope covered posts. My favorite is the Felix post. It stands about thirty inches high, has a large heavy base, is well constructed and can take a lot of abuse. The Felix Company is listed in the resource guide.”
Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennet, Feline Behaviorist

“You can’t stop a cat from clawing, but you can persuade him to obey his instincts somewhere other than the sofa. A scratching post should be sturdy, stand thirty inches tall, have a sixteen inch base, and be covered with a rough plant fiber, such as jute or sisal. Nylon, the carpet fiber used on most scratching posts, doesn’t work as well as plant fibers But finding a tall, sturdy posts covered in plant fiber is not easy. A family owned company in Seattle produces a design it patented in 1937.”
Martha Stewart Living October 2002 “Save Your Furniture from Cat Scratches” by Jeanne Huber and Marc Marrone

“Cats need to keep their claws in good shape and a good scratch stretches the cat’s muscles. Cats have to scratch and they like to climb. A good scratching post is as important as diet and the litter box.” “I like the Felix brand scratching post. I have had mine for years and years and they are sill in excellent condition.”
Raising Cats Naturally by Michelle T. Bernard


Certified organic catnip and real wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

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